Welcome to my personal website! Here you can find updates on all of my current video and writing projects.

Starting in April 2012, I began working on an independent press anthology as part of an independent publishing course at DePaul University.  The anthology is tentatively titled Independent Voices: A Small Press Sampler.  While the goal of the course was to create a printed anthology, I decided to also film all of my interviews with local presses.  My goal is to edit and post short videos to the anthology website in July, and then see where I can take the videos from there.  To date, I have filmed 13 interviews with Chicagoland independent presses, and am continuing to film through the month of June.  This summer I will also be working with the professor of the course to edit the printed anthology.

I hope for the video project to be a celebration of independent presses, as well as an in-depth look at how they’re operating during a time of great change for the industry.  Questions cover digitization, the importance of reading, the close-knit network small presses have created, and new trends or ideas.

The independent presses I have interviewed include both literary magazines and book publishers.  Some have just one or two employees, others have up to 18.  Some are online-only publications, and some appear in print only.  I would like to interview a wide range of publishers.

If you are an independent press in the Chicagoland area and would like more information on the project, or would like to see a list of the questions, please contact me at marcyfarrey@nullgmail.com.  You can choose to participate in the printed anthology, the video project, or both.  I welcome all who are interested!


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