Printers Row Literary Fest 2012

The 90-degree heat didn’t keep me away from Printers Row this weekend!  I visited with some great presses and authors, and found several good book deals.  I was excited to see a lot of small and independent presses there, including the presses I interviewed.  I also had the chance to meet with a few I haven’t yet been able to interview.

I stopped by the Small Press Tent and talked to Curbside Splendor.  Franki Elliot had her typewriter out for a round of Typewriter Stories.  I opened a book to a random page and selected a word for her: flatbed truck.  She wrote me a great, on-the-spot poem and I was so impressed that I bought her book Piano Rats.  I’m really enjoying this collection of prose poetry and it is inspiring me to try and write some for the class I’m currently in at DePaul on Narrative Clarity.  I’m not much of a poetry person — at least not since I discovered how terrible the poetry I wrote in high school really was — but I’m beginning to consider playing more in this genre.  Thank you, Franki Elliot!

After a day of browsing the tents, I checked out Essay Fiesta.  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen one of their shows sooner and I will definitely check out more of them this summer.  These live events are just another reminder of what an amazing literary community Chicago has.  When I lived in the Twin Cities, I found a home at The Loft Literary Center, and have been searching for that same kind of connection ever since.  Now that I’m becoming more involved in the Chicago writing community, I’m feeling that same camaraderie among Chicago writers.

I left Printers Row even more excited to dive into this small press anthology project!  Over the next month I plan to shoot a few more interviews with presses I met at Printers Row, followed by logging and editing.  Please stay tuned — I will have a short trailer up soon!


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