My New Gig at Career Girl Network

This past week I started writing for Career Girl Network as an intern.  The founder is another fellow Marcy, and I am very excited to work with her this summer.  I will also be doing some video work for the website while continuing to work on my documentary on the side.  Of course, I will also be in class at night, finishing my final grad school course at DePaul.

My first two articles were published this week on Career Girl Network.  The first was a comment on Patrick Somerville’s recent article “Thank you for killing my novel.”  Patrick has published previous work with featherproof books, who I interviewed for the Independent Press Anthology last May.  Somerville reminds us writers why it’s important to accept all criticism, but not let it bring you down — even when someone mixes up your characters!  You can read my article here.

My second article focuses on a problem I tend to have — busyness.  I take a closer look and offer a personal spin on Tim Kreider’s “The ‘Busy’ Trap.”  This is an issue we discussed at length in my Independent Publishing class.  We analyzed the issue in terms of our need to be constantly connected to our devices, and how we often feel “lazy” for simply sitting and reading or writing.  Luckily, Independent Presses are around to remind us of the value of reading.  You can read my article “Busyness Equals Worth?” here.

I have begun editing a trailer and will soon be sending it out to the individual presses featured for approval.  I will be moving full speed ahead next week on editing the printed anthology, and will be filming at least two more interviews.

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