2012 Printers’ Ball

On Friday I had the chance to attend the 8th Annual Printers’ Ball: Time Warp! at Columbia College in Chicago.  The event brought together all of Chicago’s literary types with free drinks, snacks, and, most importantly, free reading material.

Poetry Magazine, whose senior editor was recently interviewed for the anthology project, was one of the event sponsors.  I wandered around and filmed the crowd of writers and bookworms as they picked up free books and magazines.  I also had the chance to sit down for an interview with Lauryn Allison Lewis, Senior Managing Editor of Curbside Splendor.

With the interviews completed last week, the anthology video project now includes 16 filmed interviews.  Never have I worked with a more friendly and talented group of interviewees.  All of these publishing professionals are willing to discuss their experiences and share what they’ve learned with others.  What they’ve accomplished for the literary scene in Chicago is amazing, and many have done it all while working essentially two full-time jobs and raising families.  They are a true example of what can be accomplished if you have passion and drive.  Despite all of the long hours, it is obvious that they truly love their work and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

The rest of my summer will be spent sorting through these interviews, as well as those for the printed anthology.  There are just two of us working on the book, and then I alone am editing the video, so even if it seems to be taking awhile, please stay tuned!  I look forward to sharing a product with all of you soon.

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