Independent Press Anthology: October Update

It has been a few months, but the Independent Press Anthology is still going strong! The focus at the moment is on preparing the printed anthology.

Professor Green and I have compiled the bests responses and written short summaries for each question. We are almost ready to pitch the project to publishers. I expect we will do so before the end of the year.

If you are a press and are featured in the anthology, we will be in touch with you as we move further into the process.

I have not filmed new interviews, and instead continue to transcribe, log, and pick best quotes. A total of 16 local independent presses have been filmed. There is a rough cut of a trailer, and as I decide how to best edit and present it, I will contact those presses who have been featured with a link to the edit. Once the presses have seen it, I will make it available on this website.

Thanks to all of the presses for their patience as we work to complete this project, and please keep checking back for more updates!

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