Reviving the Blog & Re-commiting to my Side Projects

LitCity312_Logo_3C_LoResYes, it has been more than one year since I updated my personal website and written a actual blog post, and I am here to tell you I am still alive! And I am still pursuing my passion for storytelling in all of its various forms.

Where did I go? Well, I was fortunate to land a great corporate job working for a great person and a great company. I have been there just over one year, and in that time I have not forgotten about my side projects and interests. Yes, they have slowed down, but don’t worry, I’m not done with them yet!

In the past year, my independent press project has grown into a website: LitCity312, and we are now thinking of applying for nonprofit status. I’ve also joined the Chicago Women in Publishing board as the website editor, and I continue to be inspired by these women everyday! In fact, they are the reason I’ve become motivated to blog again.

Earlier this month, I had the chance to attend a great event with a few of my CWIP friends: Coach Jennie Mustafa-Julock’s Astonish Yourself Tour. Not only did I set goals to keep up with my many projects, but I was reminded that there are others like me: people who have these big ideas, who are never just doing the regular 9 to 5. And of course along with that comes the pressure of having seemingly too much work to complete, and the concern that family and friends might forget about you, as you lose your spare time in your various projects. I think we’ve all had friends ask us why we haven’t been around very often, why we always seem to be busy when everyone else is having fun on the weekends. But because our work is so solitary, they don’t always know that this extra stuff we do is because it is fun, because it’s part of our dream and passion…it just happens that this is an activity we often have to do alone, and some, like me, do it in addition to a full time job she also loves.

And so, with this post, I won’t be ashamed of my “side hustle” or “passion projects” anymore! And if working toward my goals means a little more solitary time, then so be it. I won’t be absent from my dreams anymore, or feel guilt for it!

Though it took me two weeks since the workshop to start this, it is a start — the baby steps are being taken! And I promise to be in touch now much more frequently, bringing you blog entries about various fun and sometimes random topics…and I’ll probably bring them to you at random times, because, just like I did during discussion days in my high school English class, I only like to speak when I really feel inspired and have something legitimate to add to the conversation. I may even bring back my Single in the Suburbs series! So stay tuned…