Yoga & Journaling: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of a Yoga & Journaling Class?

My classes incorporate any of the following: slow or gentle flow (practicing breath to movement), Yin or Restorative postures. Often, they are a combo of one or two of these, most often flow and Restorative. Movement tends to happen more in the front half of class, and then longer holds in the second half.

Between the flows and postures, there will be journal prompts. In a 60-minute class, there can be 3-4 journal prompts, and you’ll journal for about two minutes, so just enough time to write what is top of mind. You can use your Yoga props to set up for journaling (stacking blocks, bolsters, or blankets), you can use the edge of a chair or piece of furniture nearby, set the journal on your lap, or come down to your belly and journal from Sphinx pose.

Each class begins and ends with grounding exercise, such as breathwork and/or meditation.

I’m a beginner or haven’t taken a Yoga class before. Can I still join the practice?

Yes! These classes are open to all levels. Different variations of poses will be offered, always taking it as far as you’d like to that day, in that moment. I encourage the use of props, including blocks, bolsters, and blankets.

Are your classes centered around building to a peak pose, like they do in traditional Vinyasa practices?

My Yoga & Journaling classes are very much theme-based, so rather than focusing on building to a peak pose, postures are carefully selected to fit the theme. Poses are sequenced in the most logical way possible for the body to move easily through them. Sometimes in the short flows, the postures will build to a particular pose, but not always. The goal is more to reach a peak state of mind than it is to reach a peak posture. If you are someone who is used to Vinyasa classes that build up to a particular posture, this format may feel different or unnatural to you, but I encourage you to try it.

What if I can’t do a pose?

I will offer different variations for you to play with in many postures, often utilizing your props. If there is a posture that does not work for your body, you do not need to take it, and can choose to take a different posture. You can send me a chat in Zoom for extra guidance, or, prior to class, let me know if there’s something you need to avoid. I can make suggestions for alternate postures and even send you photos or a short video to help you explore another option.

What if I have writer’s block or don’t want to journal?

Journaling is not required if you aren’t feeling it! The prompts are a guide to help you go a little deeper, but if something else comes up for you during practice, please feel free to write on that. You can write in complete sentences or bulleted lists, or not write at all: you could doodle or draw instead. You may also sit and meditate quietly during the journal prompts, and pause to write if anything comes up.

Do I have to share what I write with the group?

This writing is purely for you, and you do not need to share it with anyone. At the end of class, you can feel free to share any insights or ask questions, but you are not required to share your private musings.

I have more questions! How can I get in touch with you?

Send me an email to or DM me on Instagram, @themysticalfarrey.