Behind your product or service there are stories: stories of each idea, each phase of creation, each step in your personal growth as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

There are also stories ahead of you: stories of the people you’ll meet, the partnerships you’ll make, the community you’ll build—and above all, the stories of the individuals whose lives will be impacted or transformed by your product or service.

You know and love your product or service, and you’re confident it will help people. But when you sit down to a blank screen or page, it suddenly feels strange or overwhelming. It turns out, writing about yourself or something close to you is . . . awkward. Even more uncomfortable is the process of editing your own audio or video. (If you’ve never overanalyzed the sound of your own voice before, it’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon!) Then there’s the time it takes to do this all, which is somehow at least two times what you expected. Why??

That’s where I can help. I love to write and find the right words. I love to spend time digging through footage for the perfect clips to make the perfect edit. Whether it’s through writing, audio, video, social media, or a hybrid of these, I love to look for stories and bring them to life.

Above all, I want to help you tell your story because there are individuals out there who need you and your unique offerings. It might be what you make or the way you share your message that creates real change in their lives.

And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice not having to manage all of your communications on your own!

My Services

For when you have a lot of ideas and stories, but aren’t sure when or how to share them.

  • Define your main content buckets
  • Identify the best tools and channels
  • Establish communication frequency and flow

For when you’re ready to tell your ideal customers what you have to offer, but need help finding the right words.

  • Website & Sales Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts

For when you’re ready to share your voice, but don’t want to spend hours planning or editing.

  • Plan: create a storyboard, shot list, write a script
  • Edit: lower third or full screen graphics, clean transitions
  • Voiceover
  • Custom music/soundtrack (additional cost)
  • Closed captioning & transcription

For when you want to focus on leading or teaching, not directing or tech support.

  • Develop event rundown
  • Open & close the webinar/event
  • Record & edit content
  • Monitor chat & Q&A
  • Share slides, graphics, or music
  • Manage breakout rooms (Zoom only)

Why Work With Me?

There’s a lot of good writers, video editors, and content creators out there. But what I provide is a little bit different.

I call myself an intuitive content creator and storyteller because I rely heavily on my intuition as I create. I take the time to get to know you and your community, taking on the energy behind both as I write. I channel your voice so that the words sound like you, not someone you hired. Your community should not know the difference between something you wrote and something I wrote. I am simply here to boost your voice and message so you can build a deeper connection with your audience.

Think of it this way: I take what’s stuck in your head and put it into clear communications that still sound and feel like you.

Who I Work With

I work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and independent and small business owners. With my background as a yoga teacher, and because storytelling is a spiritual practice for me, I enjoy working with those in the wellness or spiritual space. But don’t worry, your business doesn’t need to be part of these specific industries—I love working with anyone who wants to make the world a better place through their product or service.

Are you part of a larger organization in need of support? View services for large organizations.


Purchase a package of hours to combine any services listed above. The standard hourly rate is $60, but commit to 10 or 15 hours and receive the discounted hourly rate of $55.

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5-Hour Package

  • Charged at Standard Rate of $60/Hour

10-Hour Package

  • Charged at Discounted Rate of $55/Hour

15-Hour Package

  • Charged at Discounted Rate of $55/Hour

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